Classe Sciamanica con Kathleen Milner 2019

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Durante la classe Sciamanica, attraverso l’esperienza diretta, potrete scoprire che nella creazione c’è molto di più di quanto possiate percepire con i cinque sensi. Gli studenti impareranno a “viaggiare” esplorando l’altra realtà (i mondi dello spirito) dello sciamano per sviluppare il sesto senso del “sentire”, entrare in connessione con la dea e gli spiriti della natura, il regno angelico e i maestri ascesi e per usare tutto ciò ai fini della guarigione. 

Il Corso Sciamanico sarà tenuto da Kathleen Milner, in Inglese con traduzione simultanea in Italiano.



varia in base alla data di iscrizione e non include vitto e alloggio. 





Per iscriversi o chiedere informazioni chiamare il + 39 347 108 9412 o mandare un’ email a [email protected]



Il corso si svolgerà presso il  Centro Agrituristico l’Eliantemo. Alle porte della bella cittadina di Spoleto, l’Eliantemo è un’oasi di pace dove riunirsi per il corso e rilassarsi nei momenti liberi. 

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Shamanic Class

Saturday 5th & Sunday 6th of October.




COSTS: depending on the date of the booking, and not inclusive of Room and Board. 



The Shamanic Class will be taught by the founder of Tera Mai, Kathleen Milner, in English with simultaneous translation into Italian.

During the Shamanic Class, through firsthand experience, you may discover that in creation there’s more than you can perceive with your five senses. Students will learn to “travel” exploring the other reality (the spirit worlds) of the shaman to develop a sixth sense of “feel”, to connect to the goddess and the spirits of nature, the angelic realm and the ascended masters and to use all this for healing. 


Shamanic Journeywork is a powerful meditation that has been used by many Spiritual groups, not just Native American Indians.  This includes Jesus and the Jewish Essenes. Journeywork is NOT out-of-body travel.  

Michael Harner found evidence of Shamanic journeywork in many different countries and cultures all over this world. 

In Bridget’s Kitchen just outside of Dublin, Ireland there is evidence that Saint Bridge and other Wise Women laid on the stone hearth in front of the fireplace to keep warm while they went into deep meditation.  

–  It was said that Saint Kevin lived in a tree, because, like other Celtic priests before him, he saw himself in his mind’s eye journeying into the World Tree.  From there he would either go down the roots to the Underworld of fairies and power animals, or up through the branches to the Upper World of Angels and departed souls.

–  In the Egyptian temples priests and priestesses journeyed.  Isis’ blindfold is the same blindfold that a Shaman wears when he or she is journeying.   It is easier to see with the mind’s eye when it is dark.


“It Was a deep experience where i learnt how to move myself through different worlds. I have experienced a lot of healing energy and connection during meditations and initiations. Thanks to everybody…” Marco G.


On the Shamanic Class first day, students will explore the other reality of the shaman through a series of journeys. Between one journey and the other they will receive some initiations into: the Order of Melchizedek (foundation of all healing work), the Seven Rays (opens the chakras in the fingertips and the heart to the seven directions), the YOD (opens a channel through which information that come from the spirit get to consciousness), the Violet Flame (healing through transformation) and the first initiation into the Magic of Enoch (to unlock the third eyes etheric channels, the etheric solar plexus, the soles of the feet and to connect the initiate in the light of Enoch). 

The first day will end with the ceremony “The Death of the Shaman”, in which students die symbolically, letting go of old fears. 

On the second day, you will work on Shamanic Journey doing the power animal research and the soul research, creating a connection with the colors, with the angelic realm and the ascended masters. Particular attention will be given to colors, for integrating them into each energy centre (chakra). 

You will learn how to use all this during healings and readings in the other reality. 




First day: 

  • Introductory Ceremony of “letting go” and “gift” 
  • journey in the other realities of the spirit 

After each journey, you will be given the following Universal initiations: 

  • initiation into the YOD 
  • initiation into Seven Rays
  • initiation into the Violet Flame 
  • Initiation into the Order of Melchizedek 
  • first initiation into the Magic of Enoch 

The first day ends with the ceremony “Death of the Shaman”. 


Second Day: 

Practice of shamanic journey (each journey connects the initiate to a place in nature, the Angelic Realm, the colors and the Ascended Masters). 

Each student, in turn, takes the role of the shaman and of the one who receives healing in the following journeys: 

  • power Animal’s research 
  • soul retrieval 
  • journeys and readings in the other realities of the spirit 
  • journeys and healings in the other realities of the spirit 



To register or for information call the following number + 39 347 108 9412 or send an email to [email protected]



The course will take place at Centro Agrituristico Eliantemo. At the gates of the beautiful town of Spoleto, Eliantemo provides an oasis of peace where to gather for the class and relax during spare time. 

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